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Old Mariner Reels

Old Mariner 7 WT Salt Water Fly Rod

Old Mariner 7 WT Salt Water Fly Rod

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Old Mariner Innovation

  1. Forked Design to Eliminate Spool Flex
  2. Low Inertia Spool
  3. Fully Sealed Drag
  4. Palmable Spool
  5. Industrial Strength Construction

What Makes Old Mariner Reels Different?

The design of an old mariner reel is a whole new concept in
fly fishing. After 60 years of making standard fly reels, with numerous Innovations
along the way, it has always been known that a standard fly reel has a common

Spool flex occurs under load, wearing drags, making drags
“sticky”, And wearing weak spots in bearings. Most reels are not made truly to Last
a lifetime. In the past, extremely strong fly reels are very heavy. As reels
have become lighter, they also have become weaker. If you Can crush a spool in
your hand, what happens in a fight with a Lifetime fish?

When line is installed on a reel, it’s installed with a back
and forth motion, from side to side. It is done under pressure from the line winder,
or even by hand. When fighting a fish, this same pressure will occur, and line
comes off the spool back and forth, like it was Initially installed. When
retrieving line, you do the same thing. The object is to get the line on the
reel, flat. In doing this, you are creating spool flex and uneven wear. Maybe
you don’t realize it but you are wearing drags and bearings, while creating and
uneven feel of drag.

Conventional reels have a spool shaft supported on one side (housing)
with a great deal of weight extended past the shaft length (spool). There is no
support. Axles like this usually have spring support, like an automobile. Old
mariner reels have a “fork” design, eliminating spool flex while creating the
smoothest drag you have ever felt. Still able to “palm” The reel, there are no
fancy bells and whistles. There is nothing to go Wrong.


Lighter than most, industrial strength for saltwater