Old mariner frequently asked questions


Can you change retrieval direction?

No, the reel is 100% sealed at the factory, you must purchase the Reel with the retrieval direction suited to you.

Can you change the spool?

No, the reel is designed for strength, like a trolling reel. You can easily change the fly line, not the

Is there a warranty?

Yes, 100 % for workmanship, drag performance, inferior parts, breakage from intended use. It is not warranted against Accidental damage, or unintended use. Old mariner will repair or replace at their discretion. You will never wear one out. Warranty issues should be directed to oldmarinermfg@gmail.com
or by phone at 954-654-3911. The Warranty is not provided by your dealer, it is old mariner Direct. If warranty is valid, old mariner will pay for shipping in the us.

Can you get custom colors or engraving?

Yes, check with old mariner