Old Mariner Reels

Any fish in the sea, the reels are equally at home anywhere serious fish live. 10 years of research and testing in their development. Reel diameters are 3.75", 4”, 4.5”, and the enormous 5.25” “Spey”. Capacities are infinite. The spools are 1” wide (inside) with 2.1” diameter center arbors up to the 4.5” reels, and the Spey has a 3” diameter arbor. Draw bar type sealed drags both adjustable and constant speed (sealed, no adjustment, 1 to 4lbs. of drag). Designed and built by old time American fly fisherman. The warranty is lifetime, no questions asked, shipping will be reimbursed. If any part of any Old Mariner product breaks due to design, material, or manufacturing, Old Mariner will replace or repair at no charge for the life of the owner. You can’t wear one out. We believe in catch and release, and support our veterans.

Reel Size Comparison